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Prepare for the Paradigm Shift

Prepare for the Paradigm Shift Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I bring you greetings from the spiritual plane, greetings filled with love, peace, and numberless blessings for a wonder-filled year. As you make your way into the final month of 2016’s first quarter, take a moment to ponder just what you are learning from the energies, circumstances, and global events playing out this year. Have you discovered a theme for 2016 yet? If not, perhaps you will by the end of this teaching. I believe humanity would be well served by conscious efforts among humans to establish peace in the world from the inside out — in other words, to come from peace to establish peace.

It seems that planetary chaos is likely to continue, and perhaps this underscores the fact that Earth is a planet in transition. If you had any doubts as to this reality in 2015, I’m sure 2016 will confirm the fact. From my seat in the spiritual bleachers, it now appears that nearly every national and global institution is up for redefinition. Thus, this is a particularly precarious time for the leaders of nations all around the world. Try to hold compassion for them, for theirs is not an easy calling. Indeed, it is their responsibility to lead the planet into a new age, and many of them are unable to fully grasp the spiritual implications of this planetary movement.

Earth’s Challenges
Require Complex Solutions

In the face of amazingly complicated issues and problems, many people seem to crave simplistic answers, and that opens the door for the political rhetoric that is being bandied about. Projections like building a fence around the country’s borders or arming every citizen in the country have become shockingly familiar. Aside from lacking generosity and compassion, these notions are not really solutions, are they? While they certainly incite emotional responses from the masses, they exacerbate fear and mistrust, which ultimately foster greater levels of separation and divisiveness among the human community. Fear and mistrust are products of the Piscean Age and therefore cannot provide the relational resolution needed as the planet enters the Aquarian Age.