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Prepare for Change in Your World

Prepare for Change in Your World Magmar of Arcturus through Karinna Nielsen

I am pleased to introduce my guide Magmar, a fifth-dimensional guide of the Goddess light from the Arcturian star system. She is here in service to Creator, Mother Earth, and our great shift in consciousness.

Greetings, I am Magmar, and I offer a message for those in your world who choose to listen. Let there be an opening of your hearts to hear the messages of love from the guidance that surrounds your planet now. Change is upon your world, and love is the energy of change.

Have you ever noticed that when the wind stops after it has blown strongly for many days, there is a strange stillness that prevails? Often, you don’t notice it at first, for you have grown used to the swirling energy and the noise of the strong wind blowing. But when it stops, there is a sense of a void and a stillness that feels strangely different. This is similar to what it feels like when a world shifts dimensions. There is a frenzied pace of a world trying to hold on to a worn-out pattern of life. When it is enveloped in love, the energy shifts into a balanced space and the next dimensional focus begins to take hold.