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A New Earthlike Garden of Eden Will Be Available

A New Earthlike Garden of Eden Will Be Available Mother Earth through Robert Shapiro

Continued from February Sedona Journal of Emergence!

I wish to talk to the lightbody of Mother Earth

Well, this is a unique experience.

[Laughs.] You haven’t talked through anyone before?

It depends on how you look at it. The aurora borealis is no different in appearance at all than your lightbody. Your lightbody changes colors according to what you need and how you feel. When you are not well — sick, you might say — then almost immediately the color in your aurora is green, though other colors may be present as well. It is no different for Earth. Speaking now is Earth, since the aurora is a portion of my lightbody. When you see green aurora, that means I am working on improving my health. When you show green in your aurora, you are doing the same. Other colors are the same. Sometimes the aurora is seen as purple; then you are seeing more of my eternal spirit. Sometimes you see aurora as white; then I am either emanating or receiving unconditional love, you understand? It is the same for you. There is no difference, and when you think about it, that makes complete sense because you’re made up of, yes, portions of my physical body as well as Creator’s, and I am made up of the same thing. So it’s only natural that we would show our auroras in the same way.

Not every human being can see human auras easily. But often you can be trained to see them, and you will notice something similar. Most people do not see the emanations of the human aura as you can see with my aurora itself. But this is largely a matter of mass. Needless to say, I am bigger [laughs] than the average human being, yes? And there is more going on within me and on the physical and spirit level — partly due to the mass of myself and also simply to consciousness, which is ongoing, not unlike yourselves when you are not embodied in the restrictive situation you find yourselves in on Earth, where you do not remember who you are. But in other places where you do not have such restrictions, the aurora from a human being can be easily seen and dances around quite a bit like my aurora borealis.