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Medical Intuitive Stacey Mayo

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Hi Stacey,

I am coughing up a lot of mucus, and the coughing just wracks my whole body. It seems that my breathing is affected by the spinal irritation wrapping around the right side of my ribcage.

The pain has been very severe, and at times I’ve begun preparing to apply for hospice. I seem to go in and out of feeling great, and then I slide into almost dysfunctional! What is all this about and what can be done?

— Pamela

Hi Pamela: There is a mist-like fog in your lungs. It’s as if you are working your way out of the darkness. You set an intention to be highly spiritually evolved eons ago in another time and space. On some level, you can interpret that in part this means you have to be the one to bring your family together to heal.