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The Looks-Within Place: an Opportunity for Self-Discovery

The Looks-Within Place: an Opportunity for Self-Discovery Lady Portia & Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Sometimes in your lives, the higher spiritual power — or fate, as you often term it — steps in to give a lesson. At these times, life’s circumstances may become unexpectedly difficult or painful. Sometimes it seems as though the very earth has shifted beneath your feet, and you have the sensation of being a stranger in a strange land. You may feel the need to focus on your inner reality more than external events as you search for the reasons behind all that is occurring for you. Intuitively, you may feel that change is coming into your life in unknown or unexpected ways and that you are somehow being transformed. It is not unusual for those so affected to feel totally out of control. When this happens, you are being shown the eternal mirror, which is always waiting for you — though most of the time, it is just out of sight. At these times of destiny, you are brought face-to-face with yourselves to see what lies below the surface of your outer consciousness and your day-to-day reality. This is the “looks-within” place, where fate brings you to see what lies below!

The Prisons of Routine, Belief,
and Personal History

In the looks-within place, you are given a glimpse of destiny and the sensation that a higher spiritual power is working in your life. Often this experience can be quite disturbing to the outer mind, which deals with the routines of living. These are the routines that you have set up to organize and manage your lives, to keep a predictable equilibrium in your consciousness and within your emotions. Sometimes these routines can become extremely limiting to the evolving consciousness unless there is a constant process of review and elimination of that which no longer serves your highest good.

Also, without fully realizing it, you can lock yourselves in a prison of the stagnant and outdated beliefs you hold about your identity, who you believe you are. Human beings are constantly defining themselves, whether you realize this process or not. The key to personal progress and your ongoing evolution into the larger, deeper, and more spiritually refined elements of you is your conscious and constant review of the beliefs that are forming your sense of identity, as well as directing the choices, responses, and the actions you take in life.