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Look at Others, and See Yourself

Look at Others, and See Yourself Matthew Schonbrun

In days of old, those who sought spiritual enlightenment appreciated that tuning into that very special and subtle state of awareness required solitude. It was a full-time job to be a spiritual seeker back then. The “real” world would be left behind as the seeker would climb to the top of his or her mountain and separate from the rest of the world.

The act of separating from the world and embracing the hermitic life was an outward symbol of the dedication and commitment that was required back then to be in the space to hear and receive inner guidance. The modern-day mystic often doesn’t have the luxury to escape to the woods and live a life of quiet contemplation. The modern-day mystic seeks enlightenment while sitting in traffic, drinking coffee, or talking on the phone, only to arrive late to work and spend the day putting out fires and rushing to finish projects on tight deadlines — not to mention paying the bills, raising a family, and all of the other commitments that we choose to take on in our lives.

It seems that more is being asked of us to get to that place of connection within ourselves while living in this modern world. In many respects, the bar has been raised. The spiritual seeker of today must live in the world and be a part of it while finding that place of inner balance and guidance so that those qualities of balance and peace can be used, exemplified, and brought to the hustle and bustle of today’s world.