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The Light of the New Paradigm

The Light of the New Paradigm The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

Pour forth the light upon the world, and it shall be received as never before in the eons of human experience. The world readies itself for this light to enter the loam of consciousness and illuminate the divine oneness within all of existence. The power of this truth surpasses the knowledge of the great sages, for they knew of it and witnessed it. It was held in a space of their divinity, and they offered their sacraments of love to those who would receive them. The world at large was unable to receive the illumination of the light of the purest, and thus they became vessels of light in the seas of eternity, living as mortal and immortal witnesses to the power of the truth and the glory of the light of creation.

The masters of ascension have waited through eternity. Their souls have been ready for this time, and they join with you now in eternal bliss to celebrate the oneness that illuminates existence. Humanity is ready to receive the perfect peace that brings faith to the world of man from the universal heart of oneness.

Each soul is a particle of light that is a part of the whole. Thus, humans shall become vessels of light for the illumination of oneness throughout the realms and the worlds beyond human knowing. There are worlds that cry out for this light, ready to receive the love. They have waited for this time and the purpose of this truth to be opened through the power of mystical forces.