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Let Your Internal Spiritual System Guide You through Change

Let Your Internal Spiritual System Guide You through Change Khee Sa through Laura Pieratt

We see great sweeps of clearing energies that will open space for new beginnings on many levels of creation and life’s expression. It is beneficial in the way a good storm cleans the air, refreshes and renews life, and allows the sunlight a rare penetrating quality, giving clarity to all form because its rays are not dispersed by debris in the air. The result is a bright, clear day that takes your breath away with its beauty as it offers hope and provides clarity by adding sharp definition to everything. After such a major cleaning and clearing of your scattered debris and unfinished business, there is a peace you feel, similar to entering a clean, well-organized home or office that is ready to support creativity and new beginnings without the demanding distraction of things left undone, scattered, or chaotic. We see much sweeping away of old debris — a good house cleaning — in both your inner and outer world because, of course, each influences the other.

We encourage you to embrace the powerful potentials in this kind of upheaval. Do not despair and think that the world is a mess and you have been forsaken. Look to the bigger picture of a massive renovation and remodeling project that creates short-term discomfort, perhaps even some loss and chaos, but leaves everyone in a much more functional space when complete. Do not be concerned about how long the renovation takes or what it appears you are losing in the process. Focus on what is coming in its place that will serve you, and indeed all life, better. Instead of being afraid of such rapid change, you will be better supported by aligning with it from a place of peace and trust. Be glad things are being put right so that you will be more functionally supported on many more levels from a strong foundation and matrix of love.

Move Calmly through the Upheaval

The dimensions are realigning in ways that are beyond your awareness but affect you nonetheless. It is as if someone came into your workplace with new blueprints to redesign how you and your office function, but you didn’t get the memo. You sense everything is in movement and turmoil, but without the big picture, you can’t quite see how it is going to be better. You begin to doubt how you will fit into the new plan and whether you can keep up with the changes fast enough to remain viable.