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Let Go, and Let God

Let Go, and Let God Donna Taylor

It’s time to prepare for change as we enter eclipse season. A solar eclipse in Pisces on March 9 is very much an eclipse of completion. This is when we must be willing to accept endings. If a door closes now, it’s meant to, so don’t keep trying the handle; let whatever is on the other side of the door go. Its time has finished, and there are new things waiting for you now. This is especially relevant for the Pisceans and anyone with planets around 19° of Pisces. But there’s more to this eclipse than endings and new beginnings. It’s very likely that whatever happens around this time won’t be easy for some people, especially those born under the mutable signs: Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini. For all these signs, change is imperative, but there may be resistance, so consider walking away from doors that slam shut around this time.

If you have planets around 14° to 20° of the aforementioned mutable signs, this will be an important time in which you will probably need to become still so that you can tune into your inner voice. Trying to decide what to do under pressure and in a state of high activity inevitably leads to bad choices, so make time for quiet contemplation and inner exploration. This is the only way to make the right moves and see the wisdom in what happens this month. If it seems as though fate has stepped in to alter the turn of the wheel, allow it to do so with as little resistance as possible. Sometimes we really don’t know what’s best for us, but the universe does, so as the saying goes: Let go, and let God.

Get Back on Track

Energy levels may seem low as Saturn forms a hard angle to many of the planets throughout the month. Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, the Sun, and the solar eclipse all come under Saturn’s harsh glare. This could feel very draining, but it’s probably either testing your commitment to something or bringing your attention to the fact that you’re channeling energy in the wrong direction. Only you will know which one is the case, but if you’re exhausted and have been for some time, it’s a fair bet that you’re off track.