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The Inner You: the Pathway of Ascension

The Inner You: the Pathway of Ascension Jesus and Isaiah and the Ascension Team through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

Jesus, the Christ: You hold a sacred program of life that has choices to manifest the very best or the worst of who you are expressing in your experiences of life. I have come now to assist you in your heart to deny the past and the negative thoughts within you, and I come to rest at the laurels of love in your heart. I await you there and will escort you home to the inner you that wishes to be in harmony with all of life. My presence awaits your return in desire and intention. The Christed heart is a universal heart of love, and it beckons you to remember your special call of reunion with all of who you are, a loving being with no fear.

The Ascension Team: All of you are polarizing toward your choices now. Your world is ascending with a literal dimensional shift that is imminent. For those who have chosen to be active parts of this ascension into higher dimensional living, a progressive inner transformation is occurring now.

How can you gain enough understanding to tolerantly welcome the requisite growth steps and willingly embrace a new way of being that initially feels foreign? Conscious ascension is not for the faint of heart but for the dedicated human who is intent on inner, cooperative transformation toward reunion with his or her soul. Massive inner shifts are underway as latent systems become active.