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The Finality of the Old Ways Is Here

The Finality of the Old Ways Is Here Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We wish to talk to you about finality. It is not the end as you think of it. Rather, it is the ending of only a phase and not of everything as you know it. This finality, this ending, serves an important purpose, as it clears the way for the beginning of another phase.

Each phase is a step into another dimension of the previous phase. Whether the dimension is of higher frequency or the same frequency depends on your choice. The criteria for this choice is simply this: Are you completely done and finished with experiencing and learning about that particular subject, or do you wish to explore it further? Your next phase will depend on your answer.

Note that you will not, nor can you, go to a lower-frequential dimension. There have been fail-safes installed to prevent this from happening. You may either move horizontally and sideways or ahead and upward, but you will not be able to go backward and down. This is not only for your protection, both personally and collectively, but also for the protection of your planet and all on it — all on it, not just humans. This includes the planet itself. Further, what you do on this planet in this dimension affects all within your universe. Therefore, the fail-safes are for the protection of all within your universe and all related dimensions.