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The Dysfunction of Darkness

The Dysfunction of Darkness Kryon through Lee Carroll

This channeling was given the day after the terrorists attack in Paris.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The channeling today has many energies, and there is much unspoken that will be said through that which is called “the third language.” The channeling we give you today is for everyone, and it will be available for many years to come.

We are in Peru at the end of the Human adventure called the Kundalini Tour. The kundalini adventure’s name is a metaphor of an attribute of the Human body. It represents the birth of a new consciousness on the planet and the procreation of newness in all things. The birth of a child is very special, and it is seen as a beginning, not an end. Birth is not seen as something dramatic and sad. Because of the potential that is there, new life is celebrated on the planet. That is the metaphor of the name.

You have to understand the timing of this channeling. We sit here as a group, in this time, and something very fresh has just happened. It involves the compassion of the entire planet when we see what Humans can do to Humans. It was only yesterday that the events in France took your breath away. The compassion is fresh; the tears for senseless death are fresh. There is great suffering, and lives will be changed forever. What is your reaction to this? There is a table in front of me that has been called the altar of compassion. The room is filled with old souls. They are easily touched emotionally, but they also have something else, something I wish to dwell on for a moment. In addition, I want everyone to ponder something.