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Divine Intervention of Venus

Divine Intervention of Venus Beings of Venus through Natalie Glasson

Welcome to a new shift of awakening on Earth and within your being, a time of profound shifts that you have been preparing for since 2012. The Era of Love will more fully manifest from your being and into Earth in 2016 for your greater experience. Know that the love you feel within your heart and soul will intensify, becoming a powerful force that moves throughout your being and influences your physical reality. This is due to the preparations you have made, especially the release of fears and energy patterns in 2015. However, it is also attributable to Earth now being of an appropriate frequency, allowing a powerful alignment with the planet and civilization of Venus to take place.

Earth has increased its energetic vibration due to your devotion to emanating and expressing the light, love, and truth of the Creator. Mother Earth is preparing to align her soul with the core soul of Venus to experience an infusion, and love codes are exchanging to further support the presence of love on Earth. Throughout the entire year of 2016, Mother Earth and the core soul of the planet Venus will enthuse their energies and merge their love to support the strengthening of Earth’s love vibration. This may also signify that, we beings from Venus will be more influential and present with you during this cycle on Earth. You may notice new guides of Venus origin entering your community of guides to support and instigate powerful shifts of love within your being. You will recognize us, for we will come to you emanating love that will appear to you as tremendously beautiful. Please accept our presence.

Request for Personal Healing

We have a great deal of wisdom, insight, and information to share with you concerning creating a reality of love within your being as well as supporting others on Earth to achieve the same. Our wisdom and our light will fill Earth and humanity, creating blessings of love. It is not our purpose to overpower Earth or humanity. We have been called forth by the Creator to support the next shift in ascension, especially during the cycle of 2016. Our love is gentle, inspiring, and immensely healing; it is the grace of our love that we share with you to empower your own love source within.