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Become the Cornerstone of Gaia

Become the Cornerstone of Gaia The Guardians of Light through Thelma Bodnar

Heavenly ethers attest to the magnificence of your being, attest to the pure magnitude of your presence now on the Earth plane. For eons you have returned as you began, learning and earning new gifts to bring back, new lessons you chose to incorporate, and the ultimate desire to share who you are and what your purpose is all about.

The mysteries of life that fatigue the masses and seem to engulf them in uncertainty have become the very cornerstones of your foundation. What many find difficult, you have accepted, nurtured, and made a part of who you are. In your understanding, there is a natural flow to the idea of being alive and well, and you embrace it as your heritage and your lifeline to the power that lies deep within you.

The Way Forward Is Love

Harboring judgment and condemnation do little to advance you on your path. You have chosen to release these impediments. You are becoming the cornerstone of Gaia, of the universe, of all that is God’s power incarnate! Your path has crests and valleys, just as everyone else’s does, but you have found your truth within as sustenance and reward. There is no other purpose but to love yourself and others, to propagate that love by all means given to you so that all may know the honesty and integrity of just being.