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Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

This is just a note to tell you I loved your book about God and the Holy Spirit. So enlightening! Could you please further explain the soul? What is the soul?

— Janine, Corona, CA

From the angels: We shall say you are soul. The covering of the body is only a covering. The soul is you.

It is so important to contact your soul. Those oblivious to the soul within will forever be confused while in the body. The body will behave in one way, and the soul conditioning will influence the physiological body to behave differently.

You cannot relate to your true being through the intellect. Awareness of the soul within is necessary. Confusion will dissipate. This may be attained through the mental acknowledgment, through the feelings of the heart of the soul, or through meditative or dream states of consciousness. Achieve feeling in the heart through thankfulness to God, sincere prayer, and feeling the holy angels around you.

The world will now experience the souls within the selves. When this is attained, the world will begin to experience wonders as it has never known.