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Are You Repeating History?

Are You Repeating History? The Blue Starborn through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

From great seas, there are great oceans; from great oceans, there are great stars; and from great stars, there are great magnitudes of amazing emerging energies. Beloved ones, there are many of us who blend into one and who come at this moment in this time to offer great reunion, reception, and understanding that there are many more houses being opened. The houses of the twelve worlds, or the twelve mansions, are reunifying a protective grid around your planet now. They are, as you might say, at the end of their mortgage term. This is because they are anchored.

We use the term “mortgage” because in your world, there has been a great preoccupation with money and material obligations. There is also a perception that the worldly experience revolves around the accumulation of things. When you are able to release an attachment to things and recognize you are meant to live an abundant life rather than a luxuriant life, recognition and understanding come forward as the keys to accessing the house of the soul.

Cleaning the House of the Soul

What is the house of the soul? What is the key to this abundant life? What is the recognition of all of the houses that are coming forward now? In the unification of all worlds and the recognition of oneness, there is a process of cleaning. Cleaning a home often leaves the cleaner feeling refreshed. Even though there may be tedium and concern during the cleaning process, once it is complete, there is recognition that it is a time of expansion and renewal. Freshness comes forward, room to grow is discovered, and room to move forward becomes the way of being.