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What Do We Want to Create?

What Do We Want to Create? Ulla Jacobs

As we travel further along the path of a shifting Earth, let us examine what we can expect from a physical and spiritual perspective. These changes will be gradual, reaching beyond 2015 and continuing for a number of years.

Astrological aspects characteristic of Aquarius will also guide the process. The principles of universal law play an important part, giving us insight into and understanding for the workings of the cosmos.


As Earth is still in the process of birthing a new energy vibration, she will continue her turbulent dance. Solar flares will bring about more earthquakes to facilitate a west-east movement. Major flooding all over the world softens Earth's crust to help cushion the shift. Magnetics are decreasing as the vibration is continually climbing. Earth will settle and rebalance when the shift is complete. Until then, we are along for the ride.