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The Harmonics of the Emerging Creation

The Harmonics of the Emerging Creation Wisdom of the Universe through Judith K. Moore

Earth has experienced a time shift that has changed the nature of reality. Every aspect of existence has just shifted. The time shift is called galactic 13-quantum 7. It's the resonance of the harmonic overtones of the new octaves of creation that create patterns of energy that sustain wholeness and create a rhythm in the time continuum that is best described as the harmony of one.

The trauma patterns on the planet created fractures in the time patterns. Those fractures are fragments where the hologram replicates and creates the trauma patterns that manifest as suffering, violence, and disharmony in the timelines. The energy that is generated from these holographic distortions affect Earth's reality pattern and adversely affect Earth's capacity to receive and transmit the rhythm of creation that is in harmony with the galactic Source and with the Source of manifest creation, the infinite oneness.

Galactic 13-Quantum 7

The chaotic discharges from the old fractals of fractures in time are exemplified by chaos patterns because they discharge the chaotic waveforms. As they complete the resonance and resolve the distortion, chaotic waveforms are discharged. The galactic 13-quantum 7 time harmonics is a rhythm that supports the harmony of bioenergetics and conscious relations with the power of one and the intelligence of universal oneness. Galactic 13-quantum 7 is the time formula for the galactic time spell of the emerging age.