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ET Trade Ship Seen over Brazil on 4 January 2015

ET Trade Ship Seen over Brazil on 4 January 2015 Guest on Vehicle through Robert Shapiro


Greetings. That is the term, right?

Yes, greetings. Tell me, why was your ship over Brazil on January 4 where it was videotaped?

We are often in that area. It is in an area that is welcoming to us. By welcoming, I mean we have been there historically for many generations, referring to our length of life, and thus we feel comfortable there. We don't always feel comfortable over planets that are not our traditional home, but we feel particularly comfortable there. The people do not get frightened or upset when they see the vehicle in the sky, and the general energy of the populace, albeit sometimes a little crowded, is good. The people seem to have a good outlook on life, which is not always found. I do not have unrealistic expectations of what life is like or going to be like on your planet. We have found that from a little more distance, in other places on the planet, there are a few places where people have these expectations. Of course, one expects it of children. But adults — but I digress. You want to know more about me and where we're from.

Crew from a Planet that Starts with A

Well, most of the people on the vehicle are from a planet not that far, relatively speaking, from your solar system, but they don't wish the name of the planet known. But it begins with a sound like A [she makes the sound of a drawn-out A] — oh my, they're looking at me. I gave you that much, but I'm in trouble now. [Laughs.] I'm a guest on this ship, so I suppose I should apologize. So just a moment. All is forgiven, but I am asked not to say too much. It is not such a big secret; it is rather that they seem to feel that your peoples are not to be distracted from what you are doing too much. And because of the desire to be entertained, which is something almost unknown to our peoples, this desire for entertainment can create a distraction if you know too much about where we're from.