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The Age of Conscience

The Age of Conscience Cinda Crull

We are entering the predawn of what my channeled teachers call an Age of Conscience. The following predictions reflect that. May we all jump in to do our parts for their fruition. Corporations will find it good business to cater to the public's benefit. More than just appearing to be interested in public welfare, corporations will realize that assisting the general populace actually is a better model. The government will find a way to partner with citizens' organizations.

Grassroots movements about healthy food, the environment, animal welfare, and more will become effective enough to convince the government that the people's power is behind them. Government will join in with radical change in the financial, health, and environmental arenas.

There will be a death on the Supreme Court, awakening a new judicial conscience. This will be due to both the means of the death and the revolutionary mindset of the replacement justice.