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You Will Experience Expanded Awareness as Your Gifts Are Activated

You Will Experience Expanded Awareness as Your Gifts Are Activated Crystal Skulls through Linda Shaylor Cooper

Today we share with you that the heavens are downloading their realm to integrate with yours. The breaking up of density is occurring right now. You will notice signs of this in your everyday experiences. Releasing density will trigger a broadening of your awareness. In so doing, you will find your body feeling lighter. Your experiences in your thinking will draw to you immediate results. Prepare by placing your intention clearly while sending it out in love with the overview of it being for the best and highest good for all concerned. The clearer you are, the clearer the delivery will be. Know that all is in perfect harmony. The way has been opened for you to receive what is meant for you individually. Be in gratitude and awe of what you are receiving.

Now we share a story of the purpose of these transmissions as well as the expected result. The time for the universe to change its form is upon you. Our vision is to create a period of even energetic flow that will smooth the way for a brighter, loving existence for all beings. The time of conflict is over. The heavenly realms are merging with all fields of dimensional reality with overtones of peace, abundance, and pleasure. We see a community of beings all congratulating one another in joy, knowing that the hurdles have been transmuted into a time of ease and grace. There will be no more suffering on any level, only joyful reckoning, in the moments to follow. Be at peace with it all.

All Is Yet to Be Revealed

Today we share information regarding the timelines as they relate to the sequencing of events. The upcoming event of note will be ships landing from systems far afield. The beings in these ships are here to support your evolutionary shift. Be not in fear, as they are emissaries of the light. The ships will bathe you in a calming glow of light. They will then transmit information in your language. You will be invited to board the ships so they can share with you their peaceful mission. There will be landings all over your Earth simultaneously.