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You Are Beings of Love

You Are Beings of Love Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My dear brothers and sisters, I am Gaia, and I address you as such today because I want to establish the seed in your memory of understanding our deep connection to each other. Do you not feel that we truly are equals? We are family — all of us. Each person who walks on this planet is connected to each other. Hard to believe, is it not? Many of you feel that because I am revered as the holder of love for Earth that I am somehow much, much grander than all of you. But that is simply not so, dear ones.

I want you to feel this truth with me, to put aside the ideas that keep you trapped as humans who see yourselves as puny and lacking in some way. That is simply not the case. Allow my essence to merge with yours, and take a few minutes to breathe in my love through your heart. Leave behind the ideas of what it means to be human — what it means to see yourselves as beings defined by your bodies and ideas. Allow me to work with you in a new way.

Many of the old ideas, the ones that you have taken on as your own, are simply untrue. Such is the idea that there is separation in how you relate to me. There is no separation. Feel that in your hearts. There is no need to see yourselves as unworthy or less deserving of the love that I feel for you every moment of every day. And for the person who just asked, yes, that love extends to you even in the dream state.