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You Are the Agent of Change

You Are the Agent of Change Amma through Cathy Chapman

The most important thing I want you to realize is how dearly beloved you are. I know I say this frequently. I say it because few of you believe it to the depths of yourselves. Some of you may have an intellectual understanding of it, but you do not believe it to your core. You are love. You are love incarnate. It doesn't matter what you believe your failings are. You are love, and there is absolutely nothing you can do, nothing the heavens can do, and nothing on Earth that can take away or lessen the love I have for you — the love the one you call God has for you, as I am the feminine aspect of God. It is important for you to realize nothing can change the love you are or the love we have for you as you go through and complete your sojourn in this lifetime.

Some of you will make the choice not to come back to this planet, this world of duality, after you leave this lifetime. Others, including the one I am speaking through, will not have to come back but will choose to come back to be of service. Some of you who are not coming back will go to other planets, other galaxies, and other dimensions, and you will continue your expansion there. You will continue playing with the energies of being an infinite being in a different way. There are some of you who are teachers. Even though you are here now in this lifetime, there is another aspect of you who is a teacher and guide to someone else in another dimension. This is not something most people understand, is it? It is just something to know. There is no harm if you choose not to believe it. If you choose to believe it, it adds richness to your understanding of life.

For those of us on the other side, it doesn't matter what you believe. I'm speaking of the oneness and the God energy. What you believe is absolutely no different from the oneness, from God, from Amma, from Abba. It makes no difference to us. There is nothing you could do that would harm us or lessen our love for you. I've already said that, but I want to emphasize it.