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Technology Is the Platform for the New Era

Technology Is the Platform for the New Era Zi'antha through Wendy Zellea

Technology has been a significant part of the transition into the new age. Thanks to the Internet and social media, lightworkers are able to share channeled information and new ideas with those around the globe who seek a higher vibration. Soul families are being united, and other dimensional beings are able to share their messages with those meant to hear them.

To understand the power of what is happening digitally, it is essential to understand the process of creation. Even if no one but the thinker knows a thought, it forever becomes part the consciousness of civilization. Since thought is energy, which cannot be destroyed, the only thing that can happen to a thought is it can be transmuted into another form. This is accomplished through intention. If the thought is written, it becomes even more powerful, yet it can, at some point, be retracted and replaced by a different thought.

As new information regarding the ascension process is written on web pages and social media sites, the vibrations that those messages carry are integrated into the light quotient of humanity. Channeled messages with a very high vibration have the ability to exponentially enlighten those who are open to the messages and who vibrate with them. This can be seen by the increase in the number of lightworkers moving into the new era that began in 2013, the foundation of which is being constructed as the messages of light become available — mainly in digital format.