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Speak the Music of Your Name

Speak the Music of Your Name Derek through Arthur Fanning

[Member of group yawns.]

Okay. [Laughs.] That's a swoon, there. Okay, that showed me what/how much I can bring in and what angle and all that sort of thing. Hang on a minute. Let me adjust some things.

What does that mean? What angle?

Basically, we focus streams of energy holographically through certain angles of space and time — time, actually. Time is the angle, and it allows the image to see itself and respond to another image within itself.

Of course, I don't know what you're talking about.

But that's okay; you're experiencing it. You're moving into the holograph of yourself now. You're feeling a different energy, correct? What you're feeling is a clear self-energy, a clear energy available to everyone: the clearness of self. And you are, in your holographic self, inside that self realizing it. So you're going to start choosing the clearness of yourself. You clean yourself and that sort of thing.