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Re-creating Human Community

Re-creating Human Community Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

We want to talk to you today about living healthier and happier lives. You may wonder why we would be interested and involved in these aspects of human life and not just the spiritual. We are interested and want to support all aspects of life on Pachamama. As you navigate your lives on her, you may become aware that you need others to do so successfully and with a sense of completion and satisfaction. You may also begin to understand that you are interrelated to everyone and all that is around you. When this happens, you begin to find others of like mind and with similar goals — without even having to look for them.

As you become more and more conscious of the fact that you are all connected, you will begin to shed the ideas of criticism and judgment in exchange for tolerance, compassion, understanding, and supportiveness. You will experience the concepts of interdependence and cooperation, finding them to be much more pleasant and community minded.

Of course, you will have differences of opinions and views with others; this is normal. This is a new way of thinking for many of you, and you will need to share the control with others. The sign of maturity will be whether you have the ability to overlook minor inconsistencies in others and focus on the positive and honorable traits in those people. You will also find yourselves being pushed into compromising and negotiating, similar to what many of you do in good relationships, except this will be in a new way of life.