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Multidimensional Love: the Gateway to Divine Partnership

Multidimensional Love: the Gateway to Divine Partnership Archangel Michael and Mother Mary through Carol Sydney

Greetings, beloved warriors of the light. Today we want to share with you how you arrive at spiritual partnership with another being in physical form and how, ultimately, you merge with God. You have come so far; watching you is giving us many feelings akin to your human emotions. We feel overflowing gratitude for the divine intervention you have been given to allow you to be in this place of high empowerment and inner sovereignty. Much energy and encouragement has been poured into the lives of you who have struggled long and hard against forces of denial, numbness, ignorance, and complacency both in others and in yourselves. Behold, your work is about to be rewarded in the most beautiful way. Let us now lead you to our final offering of what love is and how it is made manifest in your third dimension.

Some of you already have partners in the physical, and others do not. Neither way is right or wrong, positive or negative. In many ways, benefits of both are being experienced. Some of you now engaged in partnerships still struggle with issues of intimacy or conflict. Some of you have understood these things and tangle with other issues. Those of you who have been solitary on your journeys or who have separated from partners have experienced rapid growth on your own. If partnership awaits you, it is time to learn to blend your energies of love in spirit into love on the physical level.

Letting Go of All Fear of Love

Partnerships at any level have often been fraught with confusion and mixed feelings about such issues as togetherness, often resulting in "together-mess." Now is not the time to bury these issues but to bring them out into the open to make sure you are in agreement so that harmony can prevail for each of you. Please be sure that the love you share does not fall prey to the obstacles we have discussed previously, such as dependencies of any kind. You are now moving into an interdependent relationship that allows each person in a partnership the freedom to be him- or herself without holding back in order to take care of the other. Remember this: There is no one right way to have a partnership. The partnership serves the people, just as the people serve the love between them. As long as you avoid the pitfalls, you will be well.