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A Month for Reflection and Focusing on Ourselves

A Month for Reflection and Focusing on Ourselves Michelle Karén

Mars turns retrograde on March 1 at 8:24AM and remains so until May 20. Its shadow period (the time necessary for it to return to the exact position it started its retrograde movement in) lasts until July 21. During the next three months, our vital energy is turned inward, so this is not a good period to start activities requiring physicality or to begin a sexual relationship. Buying a new car may not be the best thing either. We may feel more reserved than usual and more reflective. Projects are not entered into impulsively; we think many times before acting and are more cautious with regard to new endeavors.

Jupiter turns direct on March 6 at 2:42AM at 10°27ᄡ Cancer. Its shadow period remains until June 2. Since November 7, 2013, integrity was required of us. Many untruths were revealed. We became more open to other countries, cultures, and ways of thinking. Legal and religious matters were revisited and cleared of drama and corruption.

Saturn turns retrograde on March 2 at 23°19ᄡ Scorpio. It remains so until July 21. Its shadow period lasts until October 27. During the next five months, we are required to simplify our lives and become more self-sufficient and disciplined. Playing by the rules and accepting the law is particularly important and so is becoming clear on our short- and long-term priorities. A need to simplify our lives and be focused on our ambitions permeates this period.