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Living Conscious Mastery

Living Conscious Mastery The Blue Starborn through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

In the great world of great light beyond the luminescent stream of the stars that you gaze at in the night sky, in your world of density, we come to you. This world offers to all the magnificence of the expanded light of luminescent, joyous experience for all who seek this gift. Beloved ones, we offer to thee the recognition that many are crying out and saying, "I want a better life. Why is my life the way it is now?"

Recognize Your Mastery

We invite you to simply hear and simply be. For when you are in your great being-ness, you recognize that this life is the expression of your mastery. How could it then be any better?

To gaze into your own being-ness of form is to recognize the illuminated mastery that seeks to come forward. When the illuminated master seeks to come forward in new ways, the mind of density relaxes and the heart of true illumination births. Through this birth of true illumination, mastery arises again.