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How to Know When You Are Waking Up

How to Know When You Are Waking Up Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

We have on the cover this month an excerpt from a piece by Christopher Fry that contains the phrase, "Wake up, for pity's sake!" I would like someone to explain to our readers how they are supposed to know if they are awake and, if so, what stage they are in now.

All right, this is Grandfather.


Thank you. It is not complicated. You will know you have at least begun to wake up when you have the awareness of being able to do things that you cou,ldn't do before. Of course, this is happening for many people now so you might say it is sort of across the board. It is not necessarily an individual thing anymore. Granted, people who have been waking up over time, meaning specifically becoming more capable of doing what they can do naturally as spirit beings, or as soul beings, discarnate from a physical body — those of you — will already have a pretty good idea that you are waking up or awake. But to be completely awake would mean that you might actually feel somewhat disenfranchised — not rejected, in that sense, but separate from life around you — unless you are around people who are also waking up. So for those of you who are devoted only to waking up, I do recommend that you let it happen at its own pace.

Go with What You Feel

Letting it happen at its own pace will be the evolution, you might say, of feeling your natural abilities that you have as spirit beings. Don't expect that it will be the same for everybody. There are certain things that everybody can do as spirit beings that are just natural. But as spirit beings, you are still "someones" — no barriers between individuals, or I will simply say individual personalities — yet you still have certain things that you might specialize in, that you might do because you are interested in them as souls. So it is not necessary to compare, even if you are in a room full of people who are waking up, and you are pretty sure of that, and you are waking up too. It is not about comparing; it is about noticing. And sometimes it is simply about finding out.