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The Holy Lands Amplify Access to the New Earth

The Holy Lands Amplify Access to the New Earth Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, masters! I am Metatron, lord of light, and I greet you this moment in a vector of unconditional love. Imagery and thoughts of the Holy Land evoke a spiritual if not magical visual for many on Earth, especially contemporaries of the three monotheistic systems that were spawned there. Even those who do not consider themselves followers of any of the three faiths of Abraham recognize the Holy Land as an eclectic repository of revered cosmological myths and enduring historic events that have undeniably marked the providence and arguably the evolving destiny of humankind. It is indeed a special place on Earth and has always been recognized as such as far back as early Atlantean times.

The Cristos Energy Is Still Present

Dear ones, we must insert here that what is termed "Cristos energy" has been present on the planet and with humanity since the time of the firmament. This source of divinity has manifested in the duality phase of Earth as part of the evolution from devolution. The Holy Lands of Israel do indeed contain portal nodes and sacred sites of the Cristos, of divine manifestation on the Earth plane. We also wish to clarify that there have been many more embodiments of the Cristos energy on the Earth plane than just the ones that are recognized in your present times and contemporary religious belief systems.

Even during the eras of Earth you consider backward phases and times of the "caveman," there were divine embodiments that assisted humanity's rise from density — albeit each related the messages in terms that were understandable to the masses, whether tribal or clustered. In areas devoid of written language, the messages and cosmological truths evolved into myths orally passed down. In some cases, it was believed that divine truths interpreted into archetypical symbolism should not — could not — be put into the written word.