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Greet the Coming Changes with Excitement

Greet the Coming Changes with Excitement Donna Taylor

March kicks off with a new moon in Pisces, which is good news for people who want to expand their consciousnesses or manifest a healing of some sort. Since this Pisces new moon is aligned with Chiron and Neptune, there is a very strong emphasis on healing, compassion, and forgiveness. If we wish to move forward and shift our consciousnesses in a positive direction, we need to focus on these qualities.

This is a good time to send healing to anyone who is suffering and to those parts of the world that are having difficulty. Healing the collective's wounds is the message of this new moon, so it's less about what we want individually and more about how we can help each other. That said, we would all benefit from identifying our own personal wounds and spending a little time working on that — perhaps asking for healing if it feels beyond our ability to change. This is an ideal new moon for meditation, as the channels to the higher realms will be more easily accessible now.

Finally, this new moon is great for artists, visionary people, and those wishing to engage in spiritual activities. So artists, musicians, writers, photographers, and dancers would do well to tune into their particular gifts on March 1 and express them as best they can. They may even find their art to be particularly therapeutic at this time.