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The Fire of Creativity

The Fire of Creativity Stephanie Clement

Two planets associated with fire signs change direction this month to signal a new phase of creative activity. Moving in a constructive spiritual direction is the name of the game for the entire year, and March ushers in two powerful astrological trends, complemented brilliantly by the tarot. Because we are considering major energy shifts, I am sticking to cards from the tarot's major arcana to illustrate concepts.

Mars Reverses Direction March 1

Often astrologers think of retrograde processes as somehow deficient or negative. Nothing could be further from the truth! Although retrograde periods of the planets do sometimes forestall forward movement, they also offer times when we can review and rethink what has gone before. We can reorganize information and reevaluate our actions in light of current and future needs. The retrograde period provides an ideal time for uniquely human capabilities involving memory and decision making.

Mars retrograde sometimes means that we feel our metaphorical race must be restarted; something has not turned out as planned. We've used flawed materials for projects or the workmanship has been casual or inadequate. Retrograde Mars helps us to find those factors in our lives that were either overlooked because we were too busy or misunderstood because we didn't take the necessary time to absorb the full meaning of actions or situations.