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Converting Pain and Fear into the Holy Memory of Love

Converting Pain and Fear into the Holy Memory of Love Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Greetings, you beloved souls gathered today to share your wondrous placement and the story of how love gets to participate in lives beyond a point of reference. You all hold the space to come here and journey on a sacred path that is at times very hard to present: love. The love that many cannot remember is so veiled in your world, and it is beyond any words that I could put forth. But love moves through the connections of grace, tolerance, and compassion. Nod your head forward and say, "Yes, this is me, and I am here to raise my hand and connect more deeply than ever before."

The Journey to Complete Your Heart Essence of Love

You all are completing this journey in this lifetime to complete your heart essence of love, which you contained before you ever knew a form of life — your forms, your past lives, or your realities. Complete the thought within your human form of that deep, deep remembrance, and place yourself in portals, in spaces, and in valleys that look messy, for love is the healer. You all hold this great healing capacity of love. You raised your hands many, many times to say, "I will be on this planet or another planet to share my love story."

Yes, there are many detours of humanity. The smoke and mirrors that get presented to you are always amazing, are they not? Creation in duality can and will change in a moment, and that is hard because you journey with many truths of eternity that are absolute. Yet the human fabric, the human design, is not absolute. You would like it to be so, and you would like others to participate with you with absolutes, with continuity and consistency. Yet they are different each time they enter your awareness.