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Connecting Higher Cognition and Intuition in the Realm of Mind

Connecting Higher Cognition and Intuition in the Realm of Mind Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

We're speaking today about a particular piece of the cosmic spiral of evolution that has to do with the realm of mind. Higher cognition (or thought) and intuition are the two aspects of mind that we will investigate. Last time, we spoke a bit about the realm of imagination, the collective archetypes, and the creative process [February 2014 Sedona Journal of Emergence!]. There were a few questions about some of that information, and we're going to address them before we really dive into this new topic because these questions are important.

The first question asked for clarification on releasing. As we spoke about the creative process, we talked about receiving or bringing in energy and information using the imagination to amplify, in a way, the perceptual qualities that you brought in and then acting on what you imagined in order to then release all attachments and all connections. So with regard to releasing, we're actually saying to let go of anticipated results, to let go of any way you perceive that you're going to get some kind of return on your investment (your investment being your involvement in the imagination process). Most people have a very big attachment to results and want to get something for whatever they believe they have put in. Getting some kind of return is always very limited and narrow because you can never anticipate the magic, the possibilities, the infinite array of possible results.

Releasing is letting go into a realization that anything can happen, and anything that does happen will move you back through the cycle into being receptive. In other words, releasing and receptivity are kind of two sides of the same dynamic happening, where in the process of letting go, there is almost automatically receptivity. To trust in this creative cycle is to recognize that you don't want to get attached to any part of it being greater than or more significant than any other part of it.