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The Calendar of Oneness: a Powerful Tool of Higher Consciousness

The Calendar of Oneness: a Powerful Tool of Higher Consciousness Almine

For many of you, calendars have been nothing more than ways to coordinate and synchronize timing for everyday activities and for interacting with others. It has also been a way of setting future milestones and pinpointing events from the past. To ancient societies, the concept of calendars was much more evolved. Calendars provided a way to keep a finger on the pulse of the Infinite's expressed intent as the currents of inspirations rippled through cosmic space. The movement of the quantum fields is, in fact, what time is.

As instruments of deciphering divine will, the calendars of advanced societies were revered as holy. The Atlantean calendar was accurate in pinpointing events of the future and past to within five minutes. Both the Lemurian and Atlantean calendars mapped out cosmic days — the position of the cosmos as it rotated in an elliptical orbit of 300 cosmic days. Many sacred sites were expressions of these calendars, indicating where the cosmos itself was positioned.

The ancient civilization of the Zhong-galabruk, also known as the Cat People, had a calendar that synchronized time interdimensionally. Residing in ancient Egypt, they were masters at tracking the currents and nuances of time, not only as movement through the physical cosmos but also as the parallel reality that interlocks with it.