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Bilocation and the Ascension

Bilocation and the Ascension Juliano, the Arcturians, and Archangel Metatron through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Let us take a deeper look at the ascension, for there are stages of development and certain trainings you must go through in order to complete your ascension experience.

Perhaps you have even asked the questions, "How is it that the ascension can occur? How will I be able to take my body and bring it with me to another dimension that would be the fifth dimension?" Certainly I think that all of you can work with the idea of thought projection and the idea of astral traveling. But when you consider the ascension, you have in mind the idea that your body will also come with you. At least, I believe that is what many of you have been thinking. So, what specifically are the training tools that are necessary for the ascension?

We have explored many of these tools in earlier lectures. These tools are very familiar to you now. They include shimmering; they include the cosmic egg exercise; they include thought projection. Also included in the process and exercises of the ascension is bilocation. In fact, bilocation is one of the main exercises that needs to be practiced for ascension work.

Some Background on Bilocation

At this point, I want to say a brief word about bilocation. The idea of bilocation simply is being in two places at the same time. When you do this, you actually have a percentage of your energy in each place. If you were bilocating to the Moon, then you might put 40 percent of your energy in the Moon and leave 60 percent of the energy here on Earth.

In advanced bilocation, you may put 60 percent of your energy in the Moon, and then you would have 40 percent back on Earth. In fact, you would be able to go beyond your astral presence. You could send your astral body to the Moon. In an advanced stage of bilocation, you would be able manifest a physical body on the Moon. This would present problems unless that physical body also had a spacesuit to protect you from the cold temperatures and lack of oxygen and atmosphere on the Moon. As you advance in your bilocation abilities, you are able to place a higher percentage of your body in the second place.

Jesus/Sananda used bilocation. He was not 100 percent in his body at the time of his death at the crucifixion. In fact, he was in another place in another body. Of course, he did leave a percentage — albeit a small percentage — in his body that was on the cross.

Bilocation and the practice of it will become a main spiritual exercise and tool for your ascension. Our work and ideas have been focused on helping you bilocate to a fifth-dimensional place. This has been the idea behind using the crystal lake, the crystal temple, and other places, such as our starship Athena. We offer these places to help you in your practice of bilocating or sending yourself to a fifth-dimensional place. Remember that you still maintain a presence in the main Earth. You have to maintain a presence on Earth because you are not permitted to leave this body yet.

Ascension Is a Moment of Intersection between the Third and Fifth Dimensions

I want to look at Enoch and Metatron, because Enoch is one of the most famous and well-known examples of ascension. In the description in the Hebrew Bible, it notes that Enoch was with God, that he walked on Earth and then he was not on Earth. This is not an exact translation, but basically, he suddenly ascended, suddenly disappeared.

How is it that a being can immediately disappear? There is another example in the Hebrew Bible in which Elijah suddenly disappeared and ascended. How is it that you suddenly disappear? How is it that you suddenly ascend? I bet that you are asking that question.

I want to point out another factor. The moment of ascension is an energetic interaction with the fifth dimension, which contains energies that are quantum-like. They are immeasurable and difficult to describe in third-dimensional terms, which are based on duality and limitations. The energy of the fifth dimension is going to intersect with the energy of the third dimension.

In the cases of Elijah and Enoch, they were both able to create and expand the linkages between the third dimension and the fifth dimension. In essence, they created a spot of intersection between the third and fifth dimensions. Even some of the descriptions of the Hebrew Bible describe interactions with the third and fifth dimensions. The Ark of the Covenant is another example of how spiritual technology was used to interact with and miraculously contain an interaction sector of the fifth dimension with the third dimension. In other words, it was a heightened power.

At the moment of ascension, there is a heightened power. There are ways of creating that moment of intersection of dimensions. Certain enlightened masters who I have mentioned have done this. Jesus/Sananda has done this. There are other people on this planet who have ascended.

Boosting Your Powers of Telekinesis and Teleportation for the Ascension

In the upcoming ascension, you will need a boost of energy to be able to complete this process. When you receive this boost of energy, I want you to understand something very important: You will immediately have heightened powers. You will immediately have heightened spiritual powers. At the moment of ascension, your powers of teleportation; your powers of telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with your mind; your ability to bilocate; your ability to shimmer; and your ability to do the cosmic egg exercise will all increase dramatically.

Now, some of you may feel very dualistic. Some of you might feel heavy. You might feel burdened by the problems of Earth. You might not even feel that spiritual or energetic. This will not be the feeling you will have when the ascension comes, because in this timeless moment, you are going to feel so energized, so full of life, and so full of spiritual powers. You will need all of those spiritual powers, because you are going to teleport yourself. You are going to use powers of telekinesis and teleportation and the powers of bilocation to remove yourself from Earth.

The idea of removing your body from Earth is a complicated one. There are two basic approaches to this. The first approach is that with this heightened power at the moment of ascension, you will bilocate first by using your astral body, and then you will use your powers of teleportation to bring that body to the fifth dimension.

The second approach asks a very interesting question: Do you really want your third-dimensional body with you in the fifth dimension? I know that many of you have difficulties with your third-dimensional bodies. Some of you have aged dramatically. Some of you have illnesses or disabilities that you are dealing with. You might ask the question, "Why would I bring this body to the fifth dimension?"

The answer has to do with an interesting observation. Number one, it is difficult to leave your third-dimensional body there on Earth. That was demonstrated by Jesus/Sananda, because when he ascended, he did not leave his body there. There are problems with leaving your body on Earth because you still will have a percentage of astral energy in your body. But you can teleport your body to the fifth dimension.

The Vaporization of the Third-Dimensional Body

I want to explain another interesting phenomenon. This is called the vaporization of your third-dimensional body. Vaporization means that your body suddenly disappears and is vaporized. The word "vaporized" usually implies that you are exposed to a great deal of heat. This is interesting because you know a large percentage of your body is composed of water. So, if you were exposed to a highly intense energy, then your body could be vaporized and disappear.

In the case of Elijah, it was recorded that he left his clothes behind. That is an interesting phenomenon because you would think that if you are going to be vaporized, then why not vaporize your clothes as well so you don’t leave anything behind? You can also agree to vaporize your clothes.

There are two approaches to the ascension and your physical body. The first approach is to totally teleport yourself. The second approach is teleporting your astral presence. I want to emphasize that teleportation includes bilocation and then vaporizing your body. Remember that your astral body has a 100 percent imprint of everything going on in this planet, in this body. It has your thoughts. It has all of the imprints of all of your organs, all the memories in the muscles, and your total facial expressions. Generally, it is not difficult from this higher perspective to reformulate or re-create your physical body.

Incidentally, this is what is meant by the resurrection. It is the reformation of a material presence or a physical presence in the other dimension based on your astral body and all that has been recorded. It is not necessary to have the actual bones or the dust of your decayed body to be resurrected. How the resurrection of the physical body occurs is based on the astral body. The astral body is a phenomenal, complex, and highly energetic aspect of your soul. It is through your astral body that you actually manifested into this realm, and it is with your astral body that you will ascend.

To summarize, at the point of ascension, you will be downloaded with heightened energy, which will vastly increase your powers of teleportation, bilocation, and cosmic egg abilities. With those abilities, you will be able to teleport yourself astrally. If you wish, you can teleport your physical body, but generally it is recommended that you re-create or reformulate your physical body in the new dimension, and you can then vaporize your third-dimensional body. The reason for this is that you don’t need the third-dimensional body anymore.

Remember, the third-dimensional body is a coat, and when you ascend, you leave the third-dimensional presence and take the coat off. Generally it is not necessary to leave any trace of the coat. You can use the method of vaporization. At that point, because your total telepathic, spiritual, and mental powers are so heightened, you can command your physical body to be vaporized with your thoughts. You can then totally re-create, or remanifest exactly in duplicate form, your physical presence in the fifth dimension the way that you wish.

Reconfiguring Your New Fifth-Dimensional Body

I want to emphasize that last comment about "the way that you wish." I know that some of you don’t exactly like the way that you look. I know that some of you want to have flowing blond hair and beautiful blue eyes or certain physical expressions in the body that are beautiful. Maybe you are not satisfied with how you turned out at the age of fifty-five. Maybe you want to reconfigure yourself based on how you were at twenty-five. Many of you have seen the images of the ascended masters. They all look beautiful. They all have flowing hair and beautiful beards; they are wearing beautiful white clothes and have a certain distinctive and healthy look.

The idea is that you can reconfigure yourself. Generally, in the initial stages of the ascension, people will reconfigure themselves based on how they looked in the best memory that they have of themselves. They may reconfigure themselves based on an earlier point when they were twenty-five or thirty. However, let me say that the reconfiguring of the self on the fifth dimension is an ongoing process. That means it is easiest to immediately reconfigure yourself as you are in total memory now. I would not recommend reconfiguring yourself at the moment of ascension the way you were twenty years ago, but rather reconfiguring yourself based on what your total imprints are at that moment. Then, when you are there on the fifth dimension, you can work on the reconfiguration. You can change facial expressions. You can change your wrinkles. You can add more hair. It is quite amazing what you can do.

Your astral body has all of the imprints, all of the memories of who you are and what your body looked like at all points in your life, and your astral body will be able to reconfigure how you look according to what your wishes are. This is one of the beautiful things about the ascension.

Belief Systems and Their Relationship to the Mind

Now, I want to go into another aspect of ascension that actually has to do with belief systems, which are related to the mind. The mind and the belief systems and their expansion are an integral part of your ascension work. How you see yourself and what you believe about yourself are so important. This so critical.

Let me use this primary example. You obviously believe that you are a solid object. If you go and hit the door or try to walk through a door, you cannot do that. Your body is not able to go through a door unless you open the door and walk through it. You cannot put your hand through a window. You cannot put your hand in a fire, because your hand will burn. All of this is part of the structure and limitations that are necessary to survive in the third dimension.

I must say that this is based on a belief system, because when you are in higher consciousness, you will look at a chair, you will look at a table, and you will see them on a higher level, on a higher energetic level. Nothing is solid. Everything is in movement; everything is vibrating. When you are on that level, then you will see that this reality of solidness on the third dimension is an illusion. It’s a belief that is a shared illusion. It is a necessary illusion in order for you to function. If you really were seeing everything moving and everything vibrating, you would be so overwhelmed with energy and perceptions that you would not want to move. You couldn’t move because everything would be in a circle of energy. In fact, on that level, we have called the physical body the luminous body with a luminous presence. We have called your true nature that of electromagnetic beings of luminosity with a spiritual light quotient.

That is the true reality. When you see that this is your true being, then this idea of ascending or moving your energy field to another dimension is very understandable. It is not really a challenge. The exact opposite training has occurred for you. You have been trained by your culture, by the society, to see everything as solid. Therefore, when you now look at your presence, you understand that you are a solid being. You slap your hand on the door and it hurts. You try to put your hand through the wall and you can’t. You might even break your hand or your finger.

If you were in this heightened state of consciousness, which I call the luminous presence, then you might be able to put your hand through a wall. Please do not try this. I am not suggesting that you try this at all, but I just want you to understand that when you are in a certain state of consciousness and when your belief system about yourself has shifted, then you are able to do phenomenal and extraordinary things that are the basis for your ascension.

Working with Who You Really Are

It is true that one of the important aspects of ascension is training. Another important aspect of the ascension is working with your belief systems about who you are and what you are really composed of. I am not suggesting that you walk on water or walk through walls. These things are possible when you are in a higher state of consciousness, but that is not the requirement. Look at your belief system about who you are and what you are really composed of. Open up your belief system to these ideas that you are a luminous being and that you are an energetic being. You are a vibrating energy field, and your body is also a vibrating energy field. The body that you inhabit is not solid. All of these beliefs are critical for the ascension.

If you hold the belief that you are solid, then it is going to be more difficult for you to ascend. If you can change your belief system, then you will experience an ease in all aspects of your ascension work.

Experience yourself as a luminous being of light. Experience yourself as a vibrating energy field. [Tones: OOOOHHHHhhhh.]

Open up your mind so that your beliefs about who you are and what your physical self is can be shifted to include you as a vibrating energy field that is able to transfer to other realms, other dimensions. For this exercise, we will be working specifically with the astral body. It is a higher level of practice to bring your Earth body to another place. And even the higher beings bring the astral body first and then, based on the imprints of the astral body, they will manifest a physical presence in the other realm.

Visualize and feel an Arcturian blue corridor of light around your physical presence on Earth. Know that this corridor of light that I, Juliano, am sending to each of you will also reappear at the moment of ascension so that you will feel more comfortable, and you will feel the energetic boost of this corridor of light that I bring to you. At this moment, as you feel the energy of light, know that all of your psychic abilities are being increased. Your ability to teleport yourself is increasing. Your ability to bilocate is increasing. Your ability to shimmer is becoming stronger. Your ability to do the cosmic egg exercise is being heightened by the energies that are being brought to you through this corridor of blue light coming from Arcturus.

Exercise: Spiraling Energy

I have often described to you the key component of this exercise, which has to do with circular energy. This key component is an important point for practicing your ascension, based on the observation that things move circularly or like a helix. You have seen the helix form of the DNA and how it spirals up. Perhaps we can now view the astral body that is inside of your physical body spiraling up and out of yourself.

In order to encourage that spiraling up, I recommend an exercise in which I describe the room as also going around in a circle. I ask you to visualize and experience that the room you are now in is going around in a circle. Everything in the universe has an orbit. Everything in the universe is moving in some configuration that looks like a circle.

Become aware that you have this blue corridor of light around you. Become aware that the room is moving around in a circle, and become aware of the spiral that is within you and by your crown chakra. Now spin your astral body up and out of your physical body in a spiral form and go to a point directly above you, to the ceiling of the room that you are in.

Continue to experience yourself as spiraling. Your ascension will be an experience of spiraling energy. Your ascension is an experience of great comfort and relaxation. It is not a stressful activity but a natural activity in which you spiral upward. Continue to feel that spiral light that is you. You are a spiraling, luminous, vibrating, energetic being.

Exercise: Spiraling Out Your Astral Body

You can change your belief system about yourself. This becomes an important component in your ascension. When you have an expanded belief system about yourself, and when you can spiral your astral body, everything will fall into place.

Experience yourself above your physical body in your astral body. I want you to do a review of your astral body and basically say, "I have all of the imprints and memories from the third dimension in my astral presence now." This means that all of the configurations that you have manifested in physical form are in your astral body. This includes how your facial features look and all of your energy, but also all of your thoughts. Everything is in this astral body now too.

You will now travel through the corridor at the speed of thought directly to the crystal lake. [Tones: Tat tat tat tat tat.] You travel at the speed of thought through this corridor, and you come to the top of the dome of the crystal lake. Now your fifth-dimensional body is sitting around the circle. You have all of the imprints and all of the information about your third-dimensional body. As we are practicing for your ascension, I want you to align yourself with your fifth-dimensional body that is sitting around the lake. At the count of three, in a perfect alignment, enter that physical body that is fifth-dimensional. Enter it now, and as you enter it, you are going to configure it to as much of an exact duplicate of your third-dimensional body as you can. Do this now.

You have sent your astral body into your fifth-dimensional body on the crystal lake, and then with all the memories and imprints, you have reconfigured it to duplicate exactly your third-dimensional body on Earth. You are now in your exact duplicate Earth body on the fifth dimension.

Reshaping Your Physical and Astral Bodies

Now, I want you to reshape your physical body, which is actually your fifth-dimensional body now — that is, your body on the fifth dimension. Remember I explained that you can shape your fifth-dimensional body in any way you want. Now we are practicing for your ascension. We are practicing for you to create the fifth-dimensional body in the form you like. Reconfigure your fifth-dimensional body now. Change the color of your hair. Change your facial features. Give yourself more height if you want. Give yourself whatever you want to make yourself look the way you want in your fifth-dimensional body. Do that now.

You are changing your physical manifested appearance on the fifth dimension. Yes, you are doing a wonderful job. I see how beautiful everyone is becoming. You certainly were beautiful before, but you are now re-creating an interesting, ascended look. You have the look of an ascended master now.

You are radiating at a beautiful frequency. You have shifted your third-dimensional image into this beautiful fifth-dimensional look. Let us meditate together as you experience and feel that energy.

See yourself as a fifth-dimensional master now, radiating love but also becoming comfortable with yourself as a luminous, vibrating force field. In this new configuration, you are not bound in any way by finiteness. You are not bound by the limitations of the space and time configurations on Earth.

Now your fifth-dimensional presence also has an astral aspect, just like the third-dimensional body had an astral presence. Believe it or not, your fifth-dimensional body has an astral presence. I want you to become aware of your fifth-dimensional astral presence and begin to spiral your astral presence in your fifth-dimensional body upward. We are going to leave your fifth-dimensional body. We are also taking with us the imprints, the configuration of your heightened, ascended fifth-dimensional body in your astral presence. You are spiraling up, out of your fifth-dimensional body, going to the top of the crystal lake. All of you together are with me, and we are going to travel through a corridor back to Earth and back into each one of your homes now.

You reappear in the corridor of light above your physical body at your Earth home. Do not reenter your body yet. You are above your physical body, but experience this fifth-dimensional light, this vibrational energy field. Yes, it is true that in order to reenter your physical body, you are going to have to contract.

In order to come back into your physical body, you are going to have to contract, but you do not have to contract very much. And in fact, your physical body is going to be able to hold so much more light now. Align yourself with your physical body so that you reenter the physical in perfect presence with a perfect alignment. Spiral back into your physical body. Spiral your astral body through your crown chakra and back into your physical body now.

You are now back in your third-dimensional body. Your physical body now contains this beautiful astral energy from your fifth-dimensional self. I know you are feeling more expanded. I know you are feeling more light. We have provided a great link for your ascension. Now you understand that you can bring your astral presence to your fifth-dimensional body that you already reconfigured there on the fifth dimension. It will be comfortable to you.

You can command, at the moment of ascension, that your third-dimensional coat be vaporized by the heat of the energies known as the ascension light. I now will ask Archangel Metatron to speak with you. I am Juliano. Good day.

You Are Valuable Souls Guarded by the Elohim

Shalom. Greetings. I am Archangel Metatron. We the ascended masters, we the angelic hosts, we the archangels, are participating with you in your ascension. What Juliano describes to you is who we are. We the angelic hosts, we the archangels, are these beings of light. We guard you for your ascension. We guard the B’nai Elohim. Shomer, Shamer Ha B’nai Elohim, guarding the starseeds. [Channel’s Note: These Hebrew words mean "the children of Elohim; guarding the children of Elohim."] For you are each sacred.

Call on me, for I am here to help guard. Why would you need to be guarded? The answer is because you are valuable souls, and this is a sacred harvesting of divine souls like yourselves who are ready to pass into a higher realm. Perhaps now you understand one of the meanings of ascension. Perhaps now you understand that this graduation, this ascension, in some ways is about a harvesting of divine souls who are ready to move into a hierarchical level of greater energy, of greater service, of greater light, of greater ability to be closer to the Creator.

I am being instructed to tell you that each of you now is being guarded. Shamer Ha B’nai Elohim. Guarding of the starseeds in the light of Archangel Metatron.

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tzevaoth (Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts). May the Star of David, Magen David, be placed in front of your third eye as a sign of the great guarding of you and the protection of you, and may the beautiful coat of Joseph be part of your astral body so that you are filled with the multicolored, multidimensional, vibrational light that he known as Joseph was able to carry. Because of the light that he was able to carry, he was protected. So are each of you protected. Good day. •