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Awaken to the Total Abundance That Has Always Been Yours

Awaken to the Total Abundance That Has Always Been Yours Elohim of Orion through Thelma Bodnar

Dear ones of the light, it is not for you to fear your life. You are forever in exploration mode, seeking and searching for answers when always they lie within you. Resorting to means outside of yourself is futile because that which is right for another is not right for you. Each of you are embarked on your own personal path. Though your paths converge for a time, you alone must navigate the hills and valleys, and you alone must receive the gifts of your path.

Be Alert, Aware, and Accepting of New Perspectives

Now more than ever, it is in your best interest to be alert and open to all that is around you. Your work involves keener senses and a willingness to move forward. There is little room for side trips if you are to travel in the light. Never before has time been so fleeting, so fast-motioned that it feels nonexistent, nonessential.

Travel though you do, the path twists and turns most unexpectedly now. Where before you felt life was humdrum and same-old-same-old, it now begins to take on a new life of its own. Shifting is apparent in your day-to-day schedule and in your ways of being as new perspectives begin to fill your mind with new thought, new feelings about things, and new views in front of you. It matters not the route you take, but instead that you be aware of these changes, though subtle they may seem at this time.