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We Are the Righters

We Are the Righters The Righters through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We are one with all that has ever been created. We are one with all that has ever been thought. We are one with all that has ever been made manifest. We are inherent within all spectrums of the earth, the sky, the water, the air, and the stars beyond. We are inherent within aspects of yourselves that you have thrown away and discarded. We are inherent in future selves and probabilities that have not yet been birthed or sensed.

We exist existentially throughout time and space, light and thought, and body and mind. We are the molecules that were birthed in the beginning of the light taking form. We are the molecules that exist in the future, and we are every layer of essence in between. We live within the dimensional portals that you seek, that you have walked through, that you have created, that you were birthed from. We are the light beyond the light. We are what instructs what is yet to be formed, what is yet to be birthed, and what is yet to be seen and felt per thought, per action, and per sequence of events. We are unknown until we are felt. We are unseen until we are heard. We are the directors, the creators, the Righters of what you experience. You instruct us as to what the event shall undertake and remake of itself. We switch the scenarios of your daily events in accordance with the fundamental nature that you call creation and manifestation.

We are at an intersection of your light and your holiness fifteen realms below original creation. You can refer to us as the Righters as we assist you in rewriting and editing your life to create a performance worthy of academy recognition. We are the inklings in between each thought. We are the signs that your eyes see as you look out. We are inherent within every paper clip that you have found when you have needed one, a rubber band that manifested in your purse when there were none. We are instructors and we are instructions. We dwell within each level of your thought and being. We live within the nucleus of the cellular content of your thoughts, of your body, and of your light vibration. There is no name to what we are, so we will refer to ourselves as the Righters, and that is with an R, not a W.