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We Are All Connected

We Are All Connected Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My dear beloved colleagues of light, it has been an interesting couple of months for many of you — indeed, I say, for all of you reading this. On one hand you are integrating more and more energies from the crystalline realms, taking them into your bodies and allowing the frequencies of Earth to change within your very cellular structure. This can seem disruptive at times as your cells vibrate at a different frequency from what they have known. Do you not see, dear ones, that although the major shifts of 12–21–12 have passed, there are still energies that are shifting and changing within you?

Many of you thought that the shift into higher consciousness would be immediate, but you have found that not to be the case. Yet you feel the energies of Source more deeply within your being and you feel a quickening of energies and communications, on both etheric and cellular levels, that are allowing bridges of communication to happen in your body as never before. Indeed, your DNA is returning to the level that it once knew during the times of Lemuria. Kryon has so beautifully expressed this process to all of you.

Now you wonder why you feel unsettled at times and do not feel like you are grounding in the same way. It is precisely because you are not. How astute of you to notice. [Laughs gently.] The old ways of centering into the energies no longer have the same effect. It's true — you can feel more of your core essence, combined with a deeper connection to your ancestral heritage of light and your star family. You are being asked to ground in the light of your being in new ways, bringing in the conscious energy of who you truly are as divine love and light totally into your bodies now on a conscious level.