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The Timing of Creation

The Timing of Creation Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There should be no reason that my partner [Editor's Note: the channel] would feel any anxiety in a channeling such as this. In the hundreds of times he has sat in a chair and used the portal through which his higher self comes in, a clean and clear message from a messenger he is very familiar with has come through. Yet there is anxiety — there always is when he is in the shadow of the mountain of Lemuria [Hawaii], for this is an energy that he recognizes. But he does not recognize the things that are hidden from him, which are in his akash.

Therefore, the energy of where you sit now is ripe for information that I wish to bring and that my partner is nervous about — only because he's home and has his most profound akashic remembrance here. For our listeners and readers, we shall tell you where we are sitting so that you will understand. First of all, we are upon the water. But in this particular situation, we are not moving [Channel's Note: the ship is docked]. The past channelings on board these vessels have been easier for my partner because he and the others were moving [the ship was under way]. That is to say there was no grounding element at all [totally separated from the land]. But here and now, although we are floating and although we are anchored, it is a dichotomy, you might say, that we are indeed grounded by being in the "static" presence of the crystalline grid. This is a combination that produces an energy that is unique, for the water is reflective and so the energy is indeed similar.

Today it's an energy reflective of the past, reflective of history, and reflective of you and the part you might have played in this place where you literally sit "in the shadow of the mountains of Lemuria." If I could take you back in time, there would be no harbor here. As we have indicated before, the peaks of these mountains were far, far higher than they are now, for a geological anomaly involving the hot spot [the attribute of the Hawaiian mountain chain] took place, which created a bulge in the crust of the earth that pushed this mountain higher — not quite all the way out of the water, but enough so that the peaks that you now call the Hawaiian Islands were always covered with snow and ice. Even glaciers formed here in Lemuria — up to 30,000 feet high — and the peaks of these mountains were where the work was done that is considered sacred. Today it gives an entirely different feeling to the tropics that you now experience. Back then, it was cold!