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A Theme of Love, Peace, and Compassion

A Theme of Love, Peace, and Compassion Donna Taylor

Peace of mind arrives when no matter what challenges or turmoil we may be faced with, we trust that all will be well and that we will be provided for. Faith in a higher power to take care of us when we are feeling fragile will grant us this state of inner peace. This peace and serenity will be a theme throughout much of March as a large cluster of planets gathers in the final sign of Pisces to download a mass of loving, peaceful, compassionate energy to humanity. March, therefore, is another important month. In fact, I would rank March 2013 as being, in terms of our collective evolution, more important than December 2012. This is largely because March continues February's theme of healing our deepest wounds both personally and collectively, and it gives us all a second opportunity to heal our pain and consequently lighten our karmic load and raise our frequency. We can't vibrate at a high level when we are carrying pain or when we have beliefs in suffering.

There are several key dates in March, the first being March 3. If we add the numbers (3 + 3 + 2+0+1+3 = 12 = 3), we come back to 3, the number of creation. On this day, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron are all very close together in Pisces, creating a beautiful healing, loving energy that you can easily tap into, either through meditation or by taking yourself someplace quiet to focus on the magic and wonder of the world. You could also tune into this higher energy through music, art, or film, especially if the creations are of a visionary nature. The Sun is also close to this alignment, adding to the creative and inspirational nature of the download. So the questions to ask yourself are: What would you like to create, what do you need to heal, and where do you need to stop being a victim?

On March 11, the second key date, the Moon joins Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Mars, and the Sun, adding to the celestial weight and creating a new moon. This is a huge amount of Piscean energy sweeping across the planet, so we can expect a vibration of unconditional love, divine inspiration, compassion, kindness, tolerance, and motivation for the good of the needy. This is what the planet needs right now, and many more people are likely to find themselves questioning the value of a competitive society at the expense of others. People are more likely to show kindness to their fellow man and be much more altruistic in their actions. This huge wave of Pisces energy will feel very soft and loving, and there is a real opportunity for us to create peace and serenity within our lives now, even if life on the outside is less than calm.