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Stay on the Path

Stay on the Path Isis through Beverley Bright Star

Greetings. This is Isis of Thebes and Karnak. I am very pleased to bring these messages to all of you, the people of Earth. Many on our side are in awe and wonder at the many beautiful beings who are awakening on Earth at this auspicious time in your history. Not only are you awakening, but you are heeding the call of Spirit in your own hearts and lives at this time.

My message to you today is a wish and a fervent prayer that you keep on your chosen paths and follow them to the finish. You will not only benefit personally from this, but the lives of many are affected by your presence, by your dedication, and by the burning of the fire of beingness that literally shines forth into the night sky of Earth.

At this time, your Mother and mine is going through what is both a difficult and glorious process that was foretold by many long ago. The beautiful things that are happening now — the openings, the crystal alignments, and the sharing of knowledge both from the surface of the planet and within her — is glorious indeed to see from our realms.