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The Seer Almine: The Aftermath of 2012: The Birth of a Higher Consciousness

The Seer Almine: The Aftermath of 2012: The Birth of a Higher Consciousness Almine

What is different, now that the Mayan calendar has declared time to have ended in 2012?

There are four primary areas of existence that will be profoundly different. These changes will slowly but surely manifest as alterations to our reality. First, a few will change in the way they experience life. Then it will ripple through the lives of the multitudes. It's like the scenario when water changes to steam — first just a few water molecules escape, then eventually all the water has become steam.

What is the first area of great change?

The ending of linear time means that time no longer goes around and around the disc of individuated life in cycles, called incarnations, like a dog chasing its tail. Cycles of life, death, and ascension become a choice rather than a necessity.

What is time's movement now if it isn't circular anymore, and how will that affect everyday life?

It has become exponential rather than following the linear progression of cause and effect. Imagine infinite expression being like a calm lake. Every act of a being functioning from the higher level of consciousness is like a raindrop falling in the lake. It ripples out, without the lake actually moving, intersecting the ripples of the actions of others. Where the ripples intersect, new potential opens up through the awakening of alchemy. This means that great, positive changes are possible if we are open to them.