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Resurrection of the Lemurian Grid

Resurrection of the Lemurian Grid Lemurian Council through Pat Crosby

[Channel's Note: The continent of Lemuria once covered the area of what is now the Pacific Ocean. Traces of the continent continue in California and Central and South America, including Peru. Lemuria, in Elohim language, means "created from the heart of God to carry streams of unconditional love into every aspect of created forms."

Dear beloved Earth beings, we greet you in the name of universal and unconditional love. We are the collective of beings known as the Golden Spirits of Lemuria. Our assemblage includes the Golden Spirit of Lemuria, the guardians of the Lemurian grid (including Archangels Metatron and Reshel, the feminine aspect of Metatronic energies), and those called to serve planet Earth and her inhabitants during this foretold time of rapid change on your planetary grid systems. You may call us, overall, the Lemurian Council.

What Is a Grid?

You are very familiar with the concept of electrical grids. There is raw, unchanneled energy in the cosmos called electricity. It is seen in your sky as lightning. In its raw form, it is not only untappable to you but even catastrophic and deadly to most humans and animals that have direct contact with it. It can fry you in a second, as the energy gap between it and your system is too immense.