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A New Galactic Awareness

A New Galactic Awareness Helio-ah through David K. Miller

Greetings, my fellow starseeds, galactic travelers, and galactic workers. I am Helio-ah. I welcome you to this time period that, in Earth terms, is representative of a new year. I say that you have entered a new time period. You are aware that there was a huge transition point. The fact is that this planet and the third dimension hold dense energy. It is amazing. Many people felt no effect, felt no energetic change on this planet on December 21, 2012, yet there were many people who experienced an upliftment and experienced partial intersectional energies from the fifth dimension. That is to say that there was actually a raising of light. There were actually streams of light. There were symptoms or evidence of the intersection of dimensions.

It is true that the total intersection of dimensions did not occur. It is true that there was not ascension, but there were huge glimpses and huge light frequencies that came into this planet. These frequencies are still here. They form a basis for the future intersection of the third dimension with the fifth.

You might think that the intersection of the fifth and third dimensions would occur as a whole planet. You might think that this planet would miraculously and suddenly intersect as a whole energy field with a fifth-dimensional energy field and that a huge dynamic change would occur.