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Nature of the Evolving Creation and the Formation of the New Earth

Nature of the Evolving Creation and the Formation of the New Earth Wisdom of the Universe and the Masters of Creation through Judith K. Moore

The velocity and intensity of cosmic frequencies that Earth is experiencing are beyond comprehension, and it is beyond the capacity for Earth's energy grids to move this energy and keep it in a steady and constant flow. The velocity and intensity of the electromagnetic frequencies now on the planet are reaching an apex in their capacity that cannot be recognized or measured because these are new kinds of electromagnetic energies.

Earth scientists do not have the capacity to interpret these frequencies because they do not come in a pattern or energy plane that has ever been interpreted by measuring scalar waves or the vacillating electron frequencies. This is the power of the God particle that has reached a critical point of synchronization in the cosmic planes with the zero-point energy on the planet and the power of the dimensions.

You Are Receiving Messages from the Universe

What does this mean to you in no uncertain terms? It means that the DNA of the awakened ones is highly sensitive. You know you are an awakened one because you are receiving messages from the universe and are guided by the masters beyond duality. You are channeling the extreme energies, bringing these vibrations through your lightbodies.