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Getting to the Depths of Our Truth

Getting to the Depths of Our Truth Michelle Karén

This month starts with Mercury's retrogration at 17°26´ Pisces until it turns direct on March 17 at 1:41am at 5°40´ Pisces. Its shadow period — the time it takes for Mercury to return to the exact degree it started its retrogration on — continues until April 6. Past and present could overlap. We are now asked to let go of the old, to close doors that no longer serve us, and to bid farewell to those people whose energy is not in alignment with our own. It is a time of coming to terms with what was and of being clear on the direction we are now taking and what or whom will best support and enrich our new journey. We could feel like we are floating in a dream where parallel realities are vividly surfacing in our present. Our thoughts and feelings are manifesting very fast, forcing us to be extra clear on our values. With a truly magical retrogradation helping to dissolve the veil between dimensions, this is a time to free ourselves from old grief and go to the depths of our truth.

Saturn is still retrograde till July 7. The shadow period continues until October 14. It travels this month from 11°26´ to 10°13´ Scorpio. These two degrees are symbolized in the Sabian symbols by "a drowning man is being rescued" and "an official embassy ball." Those individuals who were lingering behind and not fully grasping the necessity to ascend are being assisted so that they may join with the light. As more and more people around the globe are waking up to their divine truth, humanity is once again celebrating its oneness.

Saturn and Pluto, which have been in mutual reception (in each other's signs) since October 6, 2012, continue to be so this whole month until December 23, 2014 — a period of two years when we are likely to become more selective regarding whom and what we give our energy and time to. We seek quality rather than quantity in all our social exchanges and life choices.