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Get Up from the Bench

Get Up from the Bench The Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! This is your Divine Mother, and I flow forth to speak with you about your current journey with regard to upcoming times. While some of you have successfully released your participation with your previous phase of living and the cause and effect that unfolded within it, there are some who have not yet been ready to recognize and awaken to the truth that the current residing is complete.

What do I mean by these words? I have watched you with my heart, flowing forth my love and care for your steppings and your struggles. And when you awoke further, I rejoiced in your ability to recognize truth and its ever-flowing manifestation within your physicality.

Your journey began to be easier, and you then settled into your cause and effect, breathing deep sighs of relief for the turning of a corner in which you let major difficulties reside in what you call your past. And I then breathed deep sighs with you, to fill you with my love and strength so that you would be able to awaken further and then dare to enter into another new phase of your life. My children, you have been brave and you have summoned great strength from the depths of your being. I have never been more proud of you!