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Communication, Observation, and Attunement

Communication, Observation, and Attunement Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Observation is the access of perceptions. When you are observing, you are gathering the information that ultimately becomes your database, if you will, for your perceptions. It is like the inbreath. When you are communicating, you are functioning in an interplay of your perceptions with those of another — or with whatever you would understand to be an other.

The other is necessarily your experience of your world, your tantric partner. When you are communicating, you are communing and bringing together perceptions through an interchange that you and the other — whatever the other might be for you, having observed and gathered information — can communicate as an outbreath.

What happens as you observe and communicate, breathe in and breathe out, is attunement. Attunement cannot occur without communication, simply because without the outbreath, without the expression, without the inspiration and the expiration, there is no vibrant field of light to which all can attune.